Come on in... see our new home!

April 12, 2017 1 Comment

Come on in... see our new home!

The relief of having the move behind me is palpable. On April 7th it was ONE MONTH and already it feels like home. After 10+ years at the 1800-1806 W Cuyler building, being on Granville at this new address feels great. I am excited and inspired, like I'm waking up from a sort of long, deep sleep.The synchronicity of this move with spring is a little hard to overlook. There is a lot of anticipation for the coming months with the freshness and new-ness of the space, the neighborhood and that spring naturally brings. Bottom line...this, feels good. 

So, allow me introduce to you the new, more compact... Tiny Pieces - Mosaic Tools & Supplies

But first we need to go through The Chicago Mosaic School (the red arrows help lead you to our door)

follow the arrow through The Chicago Mosaic School

Up the stairs...

and here we are... our front door (the first one on the left).

store door

If you've never visited you will see that we have more IN THE SHOP than we do on the website. We have tools, tools, tools and more! Among them are imported Italian hammers and hardies which, if you look hard you'll find in the photo below. Can you spot them?

The long view!

as well as other useful hand tools!

Then there is smalti, sheet glass, rods, stringers, noodles as well as a small selection of art and design supplies and more.


Luscious, colorful, beautiful smalti and it's distant cousin glass in a rainbow of colors.

We also have a variety of adhesives, pigments, mortars, additives and tools including tweezers, picks, spatulas...

Adhesives, Pigments and more Tools

and a bevy of imported Italian tools...

Pigments...closeup and personal

Don't forget our exclusive Metal Bits collection...there's copper, brass, steel and even some bronze. All sorts, shapes and sizes. Sold by the ounce.

And books!!! Here are just three of some very popular titles we carry. Click here to see all the books that we sell.

And finally, if you've only ordered online you may be interested in seeing where you orders get packed. I've turned a tub into a shipping desk!

the shipping room

Please.. whether you're local or a visitor to Chicago and CMS we hope you will stop in and see all that we have to offer. As I said, there's much much more in the shop than what is featured on the website. All the more reason to get yourself to Chicago! Come take a class at the school. I can pretty much guarantee you will NOT be disappointed!


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