I was born in Chicago, Illinois into a family of artists where I learned to appreciate a wide variety of artistic mediums. I knew from a pretty  young age that I wanted to be  an artist. I blindly began my studies right after high school like most people did back then but instead of it taking the usual 4 it took me 11years to earn my undergraduate degree. First, I went to Illinois State University then to Columbia College (in Chicago) and finally received my BFA from The School of The Art Institute of Chicago in 1981.
After college I did some artist stuff but clearly wasn't focused on anything. In the meantime I got married, ran a small business with my husband, built the house we live in and prioritized raising our two daughters. Consequently my art life was put on the back burner.
Until 2005, when I stumbled into the world of mosaics. I took a class and that turned into a twelve year relationship in a rich, diverse community. I exhibited my work nationally and internationally. My mosaic 'Primordial Traveler' earned Best in Show at the Mosaic Arts International Exhibition in Boston in 2018. I also started a  brick/mortar/online mosaic supply store. By the end 2018 I realized it was time for me to pursue my own artistic pursuits.  I closed the retail business to focus my attention on my own studio practice. This is when my love of clay was rekindled. I’ve never been happier. 
Today, I have a small cozy studio in my home where I produce small batches of hand built functional and sculptural objects. I cover everything with images, patterns and designs in black and white that evoke not only a timeless simplicity but a connection to the natural order of things.


Artist Statement

My work attempts to illustrate the intersection between consciousness and unconsciousness. I aspire to create from this sacred space by tuning in to my inner voice and allowing it to guide me. I rarely plan. Instead, I quiet my mind and hands and wait for inspiration. Going with the flow, one thing always leads to another. In the end, I am often surprised and delighted and wonder… Can I take all the credit?

Using hand building techniques; slab, coil, pinching and carving I produce a variety of natural forms and shapes often. These forms in turn act as a blank canvas for the images, designs and patterns I conjure.

The surfaces of the forms are enriched using any of the following methods… sgraffito, carving, staining and/or painting with glaze. The choice to work exclusively in black and white is deliberate. The elimination of color offers quiet simplicity, timeless elegance and visual purity. Without the distraction of color I concentrate on the bones or structure of the designs and patterns. Coupled with a vocabulary of mark making, I give birth to a form of visual meditation that enables the viewer an opportunity to connect to something deep within themselves.